How to Clean Sub Zero Refrigerator Coils

How to Clean Sub Zero Refrigerator Coils

Keeping the condenser coils on your Sub-Zero refrigerator is an important part of its maintenance. When the coils are kept clean, the unit will be able to work properly, use less energy, and require fewer repairs. While you could call your local appliance repair service and have them handle the job, the process is really quite simple. Learning to do it yourself is a great way to help you save money.

Disconnect Everything

You’ll need to slide the Sub-Zero refrigerator away from the wall so you can unplug it and get to the condenser coils. In addition to cutting off the power source, you will also need to shut off the water to the built in ice maker.

Find the Coils

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator has two different coils. One is a condenser coil, the second is the evaporator coil. Both attract dust and pet hair. Just before your fridge was sold, the company filled the coils with gas and liquid which your unit needs in order to keep your produce cold. The purpose of the condenser coil is to remove heat from your fridge

The exact location of your coils will depend on just how old your Sub-Zero fridge is. If it’s several years old, you’ll likely find the coil on the very back of the unit. Newer units have the condenser coil at the base of the unit where it can be accessed via the toe space panel.

Wherever your Sub-Zero refrigeration coils are located, you’ll need to remove the access panel before you can begin the cleaning process.

Vacuum the Coil

Believe it or not, the best tool to use to clean the coils is your vacuum cleaner. All it takes is the brush attached to the house. Gently work the attachment up and down the length of the coils a few times and the suction will remove any dust and pet hair. Make sure you are very careful not to bump the coil with the end of the vacuum since this could damage the coil and result in a leak that you’ll have to get repaired.

After you have cleaned the coils, take a few extra minutes and clean dust from the fan blades. Removing the dust allows the fan to work at peak efficiency and your fridge will get the required amount of air flow.

If there is a spot where the dust has become caked on, you can use a clean paint brush to remove the debris, just make sure the bristles are stiff and that you don’t press down too hard.

The final step is closing the access panel, plugging in your fridge, and pushing it back against the wall.

Since the power is already turned off, this would be a great time to defrost your built in freezer as well!

You should plan on cleaning your Sub-Zero refrigerator coils at least once a year, increasing the number of times if they’re attracting a large amount of dust and pet hair.